Grzegorz Tarka - Kreatywny freelancer

I am Greg and I have been designing for more than 10 years as a creative freelancer.

My story of creating stuff began with the purchase of an Amiga computer and a 56k-killer-speed modem. I quickly became fascinated with computer demoscene, combining programming skills with graphics, sound and art. I wanted to create thing by myself.

First lines of code I wrote in AMOS, a little later I was running ANSI C programming tutorial in Amiga Computer Studio magazine. I began to design graphics and create first websites for my friends.

Combining programming with graphics to convey a specific message reminds me of my roots and passion for demoscene. Since I remember people often came to me with their problems, and I always knew how to listen to them and find an ingenious solution. I decided to combine my passion and knowledge in my creative work every day.

Since then, I’m helipng others by creating websites, designing graphics, creating visual identity and sharing my knowledge, experience and inspiration. My head is full of ideas, and this allows me to invent uncommon solutions.

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Web design

I design web pages from scratch, through graphic design and code work. I build websites based on the latest solutions, my pages are displayed properly on mobile devices (RWD – Responsive Web Design) and are positioning great in search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimization). I build websites that you can manage yourself easily (CMS systems).
  • Website layout designs
  • Websites (CMS WordPress, Joomla CMS, other)
  • Landing pages
  • E-Commerce
  • Custom web projects

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Visual identification

I design digital graphics and print materials. My work is designed to keep the good balance between latest trends, good taste, bold ideas and customer vision. I help in creating brand image by creating a consistent visual identity.
  • Print materials: flyers, brochures, posters, other materials
  • Visual identification: logos, business cards, letterhead, typography, other identification elements
  • UI & UX Design
  • Custom graphic designs

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Custom projects

I would also like to undertake other, also unconventional implementations from world of design, multimedia, graphics, coding and ingenious marketing.
Jak działam ?

Why me ?

  • I have more than 10 years of experience working with companies and institutions.
  • You will receive an individual and professional service. You will always be able to count on professionalism, honesty, interesting project, pleasant and creative atmosphere and sincere engagement to my work.M/li>
  • At te beginning of our project we will sign an agreement in which terms of cooperation are clearly stated.I provide after-sales service and warranty.
  • By choosing my services you choose exceptional quality to fully satisfy your needs, reflect visions and ultimately unlock the potential of your brand.

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